Associated Websites Listed below are websites associated with Craig B. Clayton, Sr. and/or The Spartacus Group.  Below each website link is a brief description of what the associated site provides. This site provides information about the prevalence, impact, types and ways to handle corporate and workplace bullying. This site provides information about the professional business services and consulting provided by Craig B. Clayton, Sr. This site provides information about the certificate program offer, developed and facilitated in partnership with the University of Houston's International Institute for Diversity & Cross Cultural Management. This site provides information about the training courses and content available for corporate & organizational diversity councils. This site identifies the topics and areas of expertise for Craig B Clayton, Sr. as a keynote speaker at Diversity related events. This site houses the research and data gathered by the University of Houston's International Institute for Diversity & Cross Cultural Management. Professional development training, best practices and improved skills are a key component in being effective as a D&I Managers, Director, VP, Council Member and more.  This site provides access to webinars that will be aired live and then made available in recorded form. Workplace respect is becoming increasingly more important as there are multiple generations, women in roles previous held by men, increased globalization and more.  This site provides information about how to develop an effective workplace respect process. This site provides information about speaking opportunities as well as training and workshops that link the importance of supplier diversity to strategic business drivers. The Spartacus Group (TSG) is a global management consulting firm that provides services that help organizations create high performing workplaces.  Our focus is on building systems and processes that leverage the diverse workplaces found in most organizations. Founded to leverage the advancing technologies that have been developed, the 'University For Diversity' offers a cost effective, way to augment traditional classroom learning.  Not intended to replace the class room experience, it is recommended that these courses be integrated into a custom blended learning approach. In many organizations, even the use of the word 'diversity' conjures up negative expectations.  The courses offered by the Spartacus Group and/or Craig B. Clayton, Sr. ultimately deal with creating equitable, respectful places to work.  The workplace Equity site provides a brief overview of the course titles and objectives that are customized for each client need. Employees are a wealth of ideas for organizations willing to ask, listen and then ACT on their input.  The Spartacus Group has conducted research on the topic of inclusive organizational cultures and employee input, innovation and suggestions.  This site provides information about the results of those studies and ways to leverage the creative input of employees.