We Must Understand How Our Brains Are Wired!


Recruiting & Retention

  • Job Descriptions
  • Announcements
  • Interpersonal Interactions
  • Diversity of Recruiters


  • Choice of Organizations 
  •   Go-To Sources


  • Examining Your Comfort Zone 
  • Creating Unbiased Decision-Making Tools


  • On-Boarding
  • ​Hiring
  • Mentorship
  • Performance Reviews
  • Recognizing Talent

Part of why humans have survived is because of 'bias'.  Humans realized that going to the stream for water, while a T-Rex was strolling by was not a good thing to do!  

Biases have been a direct contributing factor for our responding to circumstances where we are unsafe.


We ALL Have Them!  Research has identified dozens of ways bias impacts our daily behaviors and interactions.  Some biases have been instrumental for our survival.  

Some of these biases have a negative impact. Unconscious biases (blind spots) are linked to multicultural misinformation, organizational disconnects as well as our implicit attitudes about race, weight, sexuality, disability, age, religion, skin tone, gender and more!

​Biases impact our ability to effectively lead, allocate opportunities, assign teams, implement policies, make decisions and more.