Executive Coaching often involves learning about developmental skills as well as helping the individual focus on the strategic issues of the organization.  
Emotional Self Awareness
Empathy Positive Mindset Problem-Solving Recognition of Others Emotions Resilience/Hardiness Rumination Self-Control Self-Motivation Social Insight Striving


iNSPIRAR Consulting - A Divisition of iNSPIRAR Industries, Inc.


For most organizations the need for coaching for business leaders falls into one of two primary categories; developmental or relationship management. The biggest distinction between the two is that 'Developmental Coaching’ involves some aspect of improving leadership skills such as:

(1) Overcoming Assumptions

(2) Communications Skills

(3) Political Savvy

(4) Responsiveness

(5) Planning & Scheduling

(6) Establishing Goals & Deadlines

Goal Setting - Roadmap  -  Ideas  -  Practice

G. R. I. P. Model

Adaptable Social Skills Awareness of Strengths and Limitations Comfort with Emotions Conflict Management Knowledge Conflict Resolution Behavior Coping Skills Emotional Integration Emotional Reflection Emotional Selectivity 

The approach used by iNSPIRAR Consulting involves the G.R.I.P. model. This technique is a partnership between the coach and coachee (client).

This approach encourages the client to achieve breakthrough goals in business and career while developing new leadership skills aimed at resolving situational obstacles and/or roadblocks that may be impeding their chances for success.