Not All Negative Behavior Is Bullying! 

Bullying Can Take Many Forms But Has Three Consistent Threads:
  • Deliberate
  • Disrespectful 
  • Repeated Over And Over

“Tough Management or Bullying?”
  • Appropriate tough management’ is direct, legitimate feedback and rightly addresses inadequate job performance; it is not workplace bullying!
  • Inappropriate (or bullying) ‘tough management’ wrongly attacks character, is personally demeaning, humiliating,  psychologically damaging and severely hurts productivity!

 Statistics On Bullying 
  • 37% of the workplace has been bullied! 
  • 72% of bullies are bosses! 
  • 57% of targets are female Bullying happens four times more than illegal harassment 
  • 62% of employees ignore the problem 
  • 45% of targets report stress related health problems 
  • 40% of targets never tell anyone 
  • 3% of targets file lawsuits 

  Source: Workplace Bullying Institute / Zogby Intl.

Workplace Bullying  

There are many definitions for workplace bullying.  We define it as: REPEATED unreasonable actions of individuals (or a group of individuals) directed towards and employee (or a group of employees), which are intended to humiliate, degrade, embarrass, intimidate, or undermine; or which creates a risk to the safety or health of the employee(s). Workplace Bullying is exhibited by peers and managers and can be linked to relationships of informal and formal forms of power in the workplace.

Corporate (Institutional) Bullying 

When bullying is so entrenched in the organizations culture that it becomes an acceptable way to manage and/or do business. The organizational attributes, policies, accepted practices foster this environment.   

​For example, a 'win at all costs' culture fosters an environment where the method of achieving success is not questioned.  

This creates a culture where managers and peers are not held accountable for the acts of incivility that occur on a regular and accepted basis.