eLearning or Instructor Led

Course Three
The Fiscal Implications of Workplace Equity

Learning Objectives

  • The Business Case for Workplace Equity
  • Definition & Impact of Acts of Incivilities
  • Meaning and Impact of Micro Inequities
  • Effects of Workplace Bullying
  • Linking High Performing Teams to Broken Dignity Entitlements
  • Financial Calculations: Case Study Example


Respect  -  Inclusion  -  Workplace Equity

Is diversity management seen primarily as 'the right thing to do' in your organization?  Is there a desire to become more strategic and link your efforts to revenue growth (top line), SG&A cost reductions (bottom line) and recruiting, retention and talent management (pipe line)?

Workplaces are becoming increasingly more diverse.  The changes include increasing gender changes, generational changes, multicultural employees, multiple languages being spoken in the workplace and more.  These courses provide the foundation for creating equitable workplaces built on respect and dignity.

Course One
Building a Common Language for Respect

Learning Objectives
  • Define and Explain the Differences Between Respect, Inclusion and Diversity
  • Identify the Five Key Aspects of Difference
  • Understand the Visible and Non-Visible Attributes of Difference in the Workplace
  • List the Dimensions of Difference
  • Identity Trends in Diversity, Inclusion and Workplace Equity Programs

Course Two
The Personal Lens:  Eliminating Barriers to Workplace Equity

Learning Objectives
  • Definition, Meanings and Types of Blindspots
  • The Link to Our Perceptual Filters
  • The Impact of Our Desire for 'Comfort'
  • Stereotypes, Micro-Inequities and Collusion in the Workplace
  • Emerging Trends
  • Application of this Knowledge