Remembering the Family Legacy.....  My Daddy

R.I.P.  Mack D. Clayton, Jr.

Missing My Daddy.....

In March 2013 -  my Daddy finally stopped fighting the cancer that he struggled with at the end of his life.  He coached High School Basketball for 40 years!  My son, age 21 and in seminary school posted this picture and message on Facebook.  I was so touched I couldn't think of a better way to speak to my Dad's legacy.


Two days ago heaven warmly welcomed home my grandfather, an angel well deserving of the title "servant". To say that "you're missed" is a complete understatement.

My grandfather has been a basketball coach on many competitive levels. He was a father figure to the many young men that never had one. The basketball court was his church; that is where he showed young men that basketball is more than a game, it shows you how to work, it shows you that nothing comes easy, and it shows you how to take care of the family.

That is what he showed his sons, and they showed their children, and I will one day show mine. He showed us what a real Clayton man is all about. We never give up..we fight..we fight..and we keep fighting...

Poppie, you don't have to fight anymore, you've done all you could. Your legacy will live on through us, and I eagerly look forward to the day I can tell my kids all about Grandpa Mac!

I look forward to seeing both you and Auntie when I cross the river, and worshiping our Creator as a family again... I WILL see you soon, till then, rest Poppie. The fight is over, and I'm so proud of you....

Dec. 1933 -Mar. 2013