Craig B. Clayton, Sr. is an experienced international consultant who has worked with CEO's, Corporate Boards, Executive Teams and Organizational leaders to improve corporate culture, build productive inclusive teams. 

His focus is on building the top-line (revenue growth) reducing the bottom line (cost reduction) and leveraging the pipe-line (recruiting, retention and talent management.)  

He  has been the Director & Diversity Strategist with the University of Houston's International Institute for Diversity & Cross Cultural Management since 1999.  He is also the CEO & Founder of the Spartacus Group.  His areas of expertise include:

  • Building Respectful Organizational Cultures

  • Working with CEO's & Leadership Teams

  • Develop Strategic 'Best In Class' Approaches

  • Becoming Culturally Competent is a Requirement!  

Highly Sought After International Expert  Recent Projects Include:

  • World Bank - MEG2003 Gender Equity Certification

  • Global Diversity Summits: Central & South America

  • Traveled to Over 25 Countries

  • Met with Government Ministers & Executives

Craig Clayton Diversity Consulting