These types of bosses use the clock as a 'club' in the workplace.  They time how long you are at lunch, on break, some even time how long you stay in the bathroom!  

They also tend to deny the company guidelines and make their own rules when it comes to employee privileges and access to information.
This involves the constant threat of loosing one's job, when there may or may not be valid layoffs, cutbacks, reorganizations pending. 

These bosses will use statements like:  "I'm only seeing 9-10 hours of work from you; you us to give more effort.  

Don't forget we are going to have to cut back our staffing next quarter - sure would hate for it to be you!"
These types of bosses (peers) scream and yell and seem to get away with it!  Nothing their staff does seem to make them happy!

They expect you to work just as many hours as they do and have NO problem letting you know that they'll be checking.  One Screaming Boss Once Replied:

"I Don't GET High Blood Pressure 
I Give IT!"
Examples of the Types Of Bullies In Organizations

Numerous More Exist - Ways to Spot Them - Avoid Them - Stop Them!  Contact us for more information about these AND other types of bullies that may exist in your organization and ways to be able to avoid, identify, and stop them.  The first step in stopping sexual harassment was knowledge.  Providing information about what behaviors 'actually' constituted sexual harassment.  Bullying IS occurring in almost EVERY organization....possibly yours.