Example:  When hiring someone, does their former job title impact your perception of their skills?  Does the college they graduated from carry more significance than other colleges?  Does their age impact your thinking?  Is there some aspect of their 'identity' that you aremore comfortablewith than other?

Example:  When buying a used car the tendency is to buy the car with the best paint job versus the car with the best maintenance record or accident history.

This form of bias involves relying too heavily on 'pieces' of information (anchors) when making decisions.  

This form of cognitive bias often involves taking the first piece of information we receive on a topic and/or person and making all of our subsequent judgements based on that piece of information.  

It also involves taking one data point and building our decision around that data point, to the exclusion of other pieces of information.


There are dozens of forms of bias that impact us on a daily basis in the workplace.  Some of those biases are so significant that they effect and permeate every part of our job in the workplace.  here are just a few examples of how they can impact the workplace.